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Vans Warped Tour


Vans Warped Tour is an active tour founded by Kevin Lyman in 1995. The traveling rock festival is an annual summer event that includes 3 – 4 stops in Canada. The largest traveling tour in the United States, the tour’s first major sponsor was Vans, a skateboard shoe company.

The tour includes dozens of artists, often smaller bands and Indy bands, but every year is filled with fun, excitement and a lot of surprises.

All ages are welcomed at the tour, allowing young and old rock fans to unite for an unforgettable event.

Hours for the tour are 11am – 9pm, making it one of the most intense tours of the year. Parents are allowed into the venue for free to keep a close eye on children under the age of 16.

Free water is provided to all guests at the summer tour, and there are slides available on festival grounds, shade areas and band signings, too. The annual mega event has a changing performance list for each city, with the top names in the current lineup including:

  • Attila
  • Andy Black
  • Bad Seed Rising
  • Futuristic
  • Microwave
  • Neck Deep
  • Sammy Adams
  • Silverstein
  • The Waves
  • Tillie
  • War on Women

Dozens more are in the lineup, too, offering an eclectic night of music. The tour left North America for the first time since 1999 in 2012 when it operated in London. The tour has since  returned to London in 2015, with the UK and Europe tours managed and operated by Kilimanjaro Live.

Warped Tour kicks off every year with big named bands, including headlines, such as Good Charlotte and Less Than Jake, which often make appearances during the tour.

The Tour has helped kick-start several artists’ careers with the festival featuring Paramore, Katy Perry and Blink 182 before these three became household names. The former punk tour is now a ska, pop and hip-hop extravaganza.


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